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Bulwark has become recognized for its excellence in service. The employees understand that their pest control company's survival is based off happy customers. Each year the company reviews the company's performance by surveying all the customers. Each branch is receives a grade and is then rewarded based on performance. So ultimately the customers determine bonuses based on the customers satisfaction. Any company can grab a can and spray your home, you can even do it yourself, but pest control "service" is about serving the customer. It's about listening to what they want and giving the customers what they ask for. Bulwark's service is about exceeding customer's expectations. About delivering on its promises of hassle free pest control, of delivering a clean, effective pest control service, while being aware of your concern for your family's safety. Bulwark Pest control is customer driven. Bulwark Pest control is results driven.

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University Proven Spider Control - Based on comprehensive research, Bulwark has developed a pest treatment specific to control spiders. Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Hobo and wolf spiders are all covered with Bulwark's pest control service.

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